Programmerer Ingebrigtsen

To celebrate the first twenty years of Eternal September, these lovely t-shirts are being made. Available one time only.

The shirts are black and have the following design on the front:

The shirts are 100% cotton "super premium" Fruit of the Loom t-shirts, crew neck 205 g/mē.

The shirts can be ordered until August 26th. They will then be ordered from the manufacturer. They will be shipped when we get them from the manufacturer, which should be on September 15th.

The items can be ordered from the shop. I only take paypal.

Any profit from these shirts goes towards Gmane maintenance. Or beer. Possibly beer. Or more SSDs. Possibly more SSDs.

If you're wondering about previous t-shirts made by us (and here we use the royal plural), have a gander at all the Gnus stuff made during the past years.