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Oort Gnus T-Shirts

After what seems like many years (and what is actually many years), we finally have a new Gnus released -- Gnus 5.10. To celebrate this, we have a new t-shirt for sale for a couple of weeks.

The t-shirts are white with black printing. The main design element is a sea of X-Faces harvested from the messages of Gnus users (on the back) and developers (on the front). There's about 130 faces in total on the shirt. The t-shirts are screen-printed.

And there's also the new Oort Gnus logo designed by Luis Fernandes.

The shirts will be available for ordering until May 15th. On that date, I'll tally up the orders and place an exact order with the t-shirt printer. They have a three week delivery, which means that I should be able to send out the shirts on June 5th. (Unless they run into supply problems, or the like.)

The design

Front Back
Front Back

The design may look slightly different on the finished product.


The shirts are all Hanes shirts, which are pretty good quality, in general. They are 100% cotton. Three styles are available:

  1. Hanes Beefy-T. These are heavy (215g), sturdy, expensive shirts.
  2. Hanes Top-T. These are normal, light, cheaper shirts. (160g).
  3. Hanes Spicy-T. These are shirts available in women's sizes. A Spicy-T XL isn't very big, I think. (205g).
They are all available in a variety of sizes. See the shop for details.


Payment can be made with Visa or PayPal. If you already have a PayPal account, or live in the US, please use the PayPal method for doing payments -- that's least work for me. If you don't already have a PayPal account, just use Visa.

If you pay by PayPal, payment will be immediate. If you use Visa, you won't be billed until shipping date, which is (barring unforeseen circumstances) June the 5th.

Other payment methods

In previous Gnus merchandising events, I've accepted other payment methods, but it's quite a lot more work being flexible than not. So I'm not going to do that this time.

However, I'm going to be doing a small over-printing of Hanes XL and L shirts (beyond what I get an order for), and I'll do a Sales Event on a pub somewhere in Oslo late June. If you're in Oslo, you can just wait for that. If not, PayPal or Visa are the only options.

Gimme the order form, already!

The shirts can be ordered from the order form.