Programmerer Ingebrigtsen

After a decade or something[1], No Gnus was finally released in Emacs 24.1[4]. That's definitely worth celebrating, so here's a new t-shirt! Only a year or two too late!

The shirts are black (or dark blue) and have the following design on the front:

The lightning will be printed with silver ink. Silver ink traditionally has a tendency to disappear after washing vigorously a number of times, leaving a distressed look, but I don't know whether that will be the case here.

This will be on the back, printed with white ink:

The shirts are 100% cotton "super premium" Fruit of the Loom t-shirts, crew neck 205 g/mē. And the designs shown above may change slightly.

You can order the shirts until September 2nd. I'll then place an order with the manufacturer. I'll ship them when I get them from the manufacturer, which should be around September 20th.

I'm making shirts to fill the orders we get before the closing date. After that date, the shop will close.

The items can be ordered from the shop. I take PayPal only, because I'm a lazy bastard these days.

If you're wondering about previous t-shirts made by us (and here we use the royal plural), have a gander at all the Gnus stuff made during the past years.

[1] It's more like eight years, actually

[3] By now, Emacs 24.3 has been released